Annals 2022 | Vol 70 | Special Issue *


This year marks the 125th anniversary of the birth and 40th anniversary of the death of Prof. Mihailo Konstantinović, one of the founders and the first editor of the Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. It also marks the 70th anniversary of the regular publication of the Annals. On this occasion we are publishing a special issue of the journal, dedicated to Mihailo Konstantinović – jurist, codifier, politician, university professor, founder of the Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration in Belgrade, and civil lawyer whose legal thought to this day remains relevant for understanding the institutions of civil law. The number and diversity of the articles in this issue testify to the significance of Mihailo Konstantinović’s intellectual legacy to our contemporary legal culture.

Editorial board /

Prof.dr. Marija Karanikic MiricDr. Marija Karanikić Mirić [ Editor in Chief ]


Members /
Dr. Dušan Popović, Dr. Bojan Milisavlјević, Dr. Vojislav Stanimirović, Dr. Ljubinka Kovačević, Dr. Danilo Vuković, Dr. Vanja Bajović, Dr. Svetislav Kostić
Web Editor/ Dr. Boris Begović
Managing Editors / Dr. Nikola Ilić,  Novak Vujičić
Technical Editor / Milena Mitrović